UK Skibike Clubs

UK Skibike Clubs
There have, over the years, been a number of skibike clubs in the UK. But we now prefer to go it alone, or skibike with family and friends.
For new comers to the sport however we heartily recommend joining one of the skibike clubs listed below, we have in the past had many years as members of such clubs and indeed learned all our skibike skills from its members. Joining a club is great way to learn the sport, and have fun with new found friends as well.
What skibike club information we have is listed below, we will update it as and when new information comes our way.
This might be a good point to say a few words about club structures. All clubs wishing to instruct members in the sport of skibiking, must have qualified and registered instructors. The governing body for the sport is: The Federation Internationale De Ski-Bob (FISB), (you will remember from an earlier page, the term skibike is the relatively new name for what used to be called a skibob). All clubs wishing to instruct members, or participate in the many World Cup events that take place every year, must be affiliated to this organization.
The Ski-Bob Association of Great Britain (SAGB), is the governing body for the sport within the UK, and is affiliated to FISB.
All UK clubs who are members of the SAGB, gain automatic affiliation to FISB, clubs can gain affiliation direct from FISB, but at considerable annual cost. To our knowledge all the clubs listed below are members of the SAGB. and are therefore affiliated to FISB.

HASRA is a London based club, it was formed by Civil Service members, and is part of the Civil Service Club. We will update this entry as and when more detailed and accurate information arises.
The London Club.
We have no current information on this club, other than it is a very active and popular club, it is based around the London area, and has a large following to its annual expedition to the winter slopes of Austria.
The Yorkshire Ski-Bob Club.
The Yorkshire Ski-Bob club was the most northerly club to our knowledge. It was founded by the Charlton and Goodridge family in the late 70's, and had a membership of around 30. Sadly it now exists in name only. Its former members do still get together, both socially and on occasion the winter slopes.

The British Limbless Ex-Service Mens Association is not a skibike club as such, but an organisation dedicated to helping limbless ex-service men; it is, however, worthy of a mention here due to the sterling work done by Henry & Ingrid Wuga who, over the years have helped BLESMA members take to the alpine slopes and enjoy a sport that other enthusiasts so easily take for granted. Further information can be found at:
Skibike Scotland.
Skibike Scotland also is not a skibike club as such, more an organisation dedicated to promoting skibiking in the most northern regions of the British Isles, it also, is worthy of a mention here due to the great work done by British Skibob Team members Kenny & Darren for providing facilities for those unable or unwilling to take to the slopes of Europe.
Their sites can be found in the Links page of our Website.