Saturday, 10 January 2009

Giro Helmets

Hi all,
As you may well be aware, I'm not too keen on the use of ski helmets, but I do like to boogie down the mountain occasionally using my MP3 player, so if you are a like minded skier and happen to own a Giro helmet then this idea may well appeal to you.
Its an optional extra for Giro Helmets called "TuneUps", they are ear-pads with built-in speakers, they are replacement ear pads for your helmet’s original pads and can be connected to any standard MP3 or CD player.
They cost around £29 UK which seems a fair price for keeping your ears warm as well as keeping you entertained. I have to say the Giro helmets look quite cool as well.
They are available from Snowboard Ayslum

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