Monday, 23 February 2009

Ski Edges

Talking of good snow conditions, we decided to take full advantage of the brilliant snow this year by having our skibike edges re-edged/tuned by the local ski shop until we saw the price they were asking for this service that is! 22 Euros, "yes you read that right" 22 Euros was the asking price - which is 22GBP or 28.22 USD to you and me! We know the ski shops do an excellent job and they are quick too but we feel that this price is a touch too much as we say over here, actually we say it's daylight robbery but there you go. So out came the trusty old hand propelled edger and an hour or so later the job was done, 4 skibikes with edges you could use as a razor. We did have to purchase a new blade for the tool though, it cost 12.5 Euros but it will last us a good few years with careful use. The point to remember when using such a tool is: if you take too much off you cannot put it back on again so slow and easy does it.

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Randy from said...

Absolutly learn to tune your own skis whether on a bike or your feet!

I too tired of dropping between $25-$45 USD at the shop every time I hammered a pair of boards. Even then I received back tunes that were not to my liking.

I went to my local libary and went to a clinic at my local ski shop on tuning and started to play.

Just want to share with you its not rocket science. Infact, its quite simple if you take your time and make small steps.

I wrote an article for SkiBikeMagazine years ago and gave my own ideas on it. Its posted at the ASA site at the following link.

Best regards and happy tuning!

Randy at SkiBikeFun