Thursday, 25 November 2010

Brenter Vintage Footskis.

Shown here are a pair of Brenter vintage footskis (pre 1977) they are still in a serviceable condition and were in use as emergency spares up to 15 years ago. They have a one piece moulded base (no laminations) and have screw on edges (very time consuming to produce); the adjustment for boot size is catered for on the front section of the binding rather than the rear section as is now the norm. They were available in two types! Standard (as shown) and Super. The Super model was essentially the same as the standard but with the addition of three claws protruding from the rear binding plate, this was to enhance grip when digging your heals in (a skibobbing style practiced by some skibikers in those days) The Yorkshire Skibob Club cut all the claws off its Super models to stop this practice being adopted by newcomers to the sport.

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