Saturday, 14 February 2009

Pound v Euro

So how was our recent trip to the Alps you ask? Absolutely fabulous but very expensive is the honest answer. The recent world financial crisis has not taken long to bite into the tourist market and bite hard it has indeed. This time last year UK residents could expect to get approx. 1.5 euros per English pound, not so this year, more like 1 euro per English pound and couple this to the fact the resort was fairly quiet has caused a general increase in prices within the resort. Hiking up the prices to compensate for poor visitor statistics never works but they all try it anyway, we remember Verbier (Switzerland) virtually pricing itself out of the UK ski brochures many years ago. So if you are hitting the slopes of Europe soon then be prepared, if you were planning on £800 spending money then take £1,200 because that is what you will need.
Gail & Mervyn.

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